Gas & Groceries for a year!

Year of FREE Gas and Groceries

Lite Rock 99.9 along with Coborn’s and Holiday want to give you something to think about. We’re teaming-up to pay for Gas and Groceries for a lucky Central Minnesota family for an entire year!  That’s free groceries and gasoline every single month! This incredible Coborn’s prize package is worth more than $6,000.

That’s a lot of cash that you’ll have available to spend on other things. What would those others things be?  Would you be ‘practical’, or would you “splurge”?!  (Maybe do a little bit of both!)  You could pay-off some bills…put it toward your child’s education…take a dream vacation…give yourself more of a ‘cushion’ in your savings account.  Or it could be just what you need right now to help make ends meet.  So think about it…what would free gas and groceries for a year mean to you?

Enter to win below and starting April 20th listen to Lite Rock 99.9 at 8:20, 11:20 & 4:20 for your name to be drawn. If it is call back within 9 minutes and 99 seconds and you will win a $25 Coborn’s Gift Card and be eligible to win the gas & groceries for a year!

Good luck from Corborn’s, Holiday and Today’s Lite Rock 99.9!

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