Nearly Impossible Question

Listen weekdays around 3:20 for the Nearly Impossible Question with Mike Ryan. Be the first person to solve it by calling 259-LITE (5483) and you win.

Today win a pair of weekend concert passes to Lakes Jam happening June 25th-June 27th in Brainerd.


Monday, April 13th

Nearly Impossible QuestionAccording to a recent survey, almost HALF of all adults say THIS is the hardest thing they have attempted to do. What is it?

Answer: Stop Swearing!

Tuesday, April 14th

Nearly Impossible Question: This is the number one item that we have too much of in the house...what is it?

Answer: Hangers!

Wednesday, April 15th

Nearly Impossible Question: According to a recent survey 3 out 4 people say THIS can make them smile, even on a bad day. What is it?

Answer: Their pets!

Thursday, April 16th

Nearly Impossible Question: According to a recent survey: 45% of Americans say they keep at least one of THESE in their homes -- even though they don’t use it anymore. What is it? 

Answer: Phone Book!

Friday, April 17th

Nearly Impossible Question: Nearly 30% of women say this is the most important thing they do all day!

Clue: Enhances natural beauty!