Santa's Secret Stash

As legend has it, each year Santa sets aside some extra cash as an emergency reserve so he can buy any last second presents that the elves don't have time to make. However, form what our spy elf told us, he never ends up using it, the elves are just that good. So, here at 99.9 Lite FM, with help from EL-Jay Plumbing and Heating, devised a plan with this greedy spy elf. Since Santa didn't need the cash, we figured you could use it, right?

We sent our spy elf friend back up North to steal the safe, and bring it back to us. (That may put us on the naughty list!) Unfortunately, we have no clue what the code to open the safe is. That's where you come in. Help us crack the code, and you'll get to keep Santa's secret stash! Just for trying, EL-Jay Plumbing and Heating will give you $25.

So how much is inside the safe? There's no way to know until the safe is busted open. Two chances a day to try, at 7 am and 3 pm.


1. Listen to 99.9 Lite FM starting on Monday, December 4th to play "Win Santa's Secret Stash."

2. Twice workdays at 7 am & 3 pm, caller #9 will get the chance to crack the code, one digit at a time. We'll let you know if it's too low, too high, or if they get to move onto the next digit. One wrong guess, and their turn is done.

3. Everyone who plays will receive $25 from EL-Jay Plumbing and Heating.

Official Rules Here