Birthday & Anniversary Club

We want to help make a special day even more special! If you or someone you know is having a birthday or an anniversary, let us know!

Amos & Cyn in the Morning will give a shout out each weekday morning at 6:50 AM. One person picked at random will also win a 6" cake from Cold Spring Bakery, now with two locations with 2 locations. Cold Spring and a Cold Spring Bakery Connection in Waite Park at 103 2nd Street South in Waite Park.


Birthday's and Anniversaries for Tuesday, October 22nd

HAPPY INTERNATIONAL CAPS LOCK DAY (sorry for shouting) and happy birthday to Jean Borgmann in St. Cloud, Kait Lofquist in St. Joe, Matthew Nikody in St. Augusta and Mary Van Havermaet in Richmond and happy anniversary to Karen and Joe Thull in St. Joe. Mary was randomly selected for today's Cold Spring Bakery Cake!

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